The Ise Archaeological Research Society invites you to a presentation by Vickie Score from Leicester University on 27th February.
She will be giving her presentation “Bones, Bodies and Burials, The Lost Chapel of St Morell”
She will be telling us about the skeletal remains of a man and woman who have been holding hands in a grave for over 700 years. The couple were found along with eleven other skeletons in the “lost chapel of St Morell.”
If you want to find out more come along on 27th February at 7.30pm at St Andrew’s Church Rooms, Crown St, Kettering NN16 8QE.

Admission—Members £4, Non-members £5
Membership £10

For more information contact Carol on carolannmorton@aol.co.uk

Below is the new events list.

Wed 27th February
At 7.30pm
Bones, Bodies and Burials
Vickie Score
(Archaeologist at Leicester University) St. Andrew’s Church Rooms,
Crown St.
Kettering NN16 8QE

Wed 27th March at 7.30pm
Spinning and Weaving in the Viking Era
Julie Mason
(Viking re-enactor) St. Andrew’s Church Rooms,
Crown St.
Kettering NN16 8QE

Wed. 24th April at 7.30pm
Prehistoric Northamptonshire
Andy Chapman
(Archaeologist) St. Andrew’s Church Rooms,
Crown St.
Kettering NN16 8QE

Wed. 29th May at 7.30pm
Bog Bodies Uncovered
David Brown St. Andrew’s Church Rooms,
Crown St.
Kettering NN16 8QE

Wed. 28th June at 7.30pm

Jeremy Oetgen
(Albion Archaeology) St. Andrew’s Church Rooms,
Crown St.
Kettering NN16 8QE

About The Ise Archaeological Research Society

The Society was formed in 1996 when a few people were asked to investigate a site on Whitegates Farm in Rushton. This turned out to be a Roman Bath House. For many years a summer excavation took place which gradually revealed the Bath-house’s secrets. This came to an end in 2007 when the land was placed under Entry Level Stewardship with Natural England.

The site is rich in history but not in “finds”. One “find” was that of an early Romano-British lead font which is on display in the Manor House Museum in Kettering, Northamptonshire. Monthly talks during the winter were started as a way of members keeping in touch outside of the diggingseason.

After the excavation was closed down the number of talks have increased so that now they are monthly from January to June. We have a break for the summer. In September we also have a visit to a place of interest.  In October talks start again.In November we have our AGM plus a talk and a Christmas Buffet and Quiz Night in December . If something else looks interesting an additional visit might be arranged. In 2013, for example, a visit to the Richard 111 exhibition in Leicester was arranged and in 2014 we went to Chester Farm. As and when the opportunity arises there are also field walks and practise excavations. Graveyard Archaeology which is surveying and recording a churchyard  has also taken place regularly.   A twice yearly newsletter is also published.

Membership is £10. Admission for talks is £4 for members and £5 for non-members. It is a friendly group so why not come along.

Where is this hall?

St. Andrew’s Church Rooms,  Crown St. Kettering NN16 8QE  is in Crown St, behind St. Andrew’s Church in Kettering. The church is on the crossroads with Sainsbury’s, The Newlands Centre and the Bus Station. There is a small car park as well as parking in front of the church in Lindsay St. Here, there is a one way system making the Lyndsay St. end a no entry but you can take the next left and go round the block. There is also a carpark at the back of the hall in Crown St.